#8726 Bigfoot Camera Tripod Mount

$19.95 SKU: #8726

#8726 Bigfoot Universal Tripod Camera Mount

Finally, an easy to use rock solid method to mount your trail camera quickly and easily.

The Bigfoot camera mounts quickly to the bottom or back of your camera with a universal 10x24 screw on either a vertical  (top of post, stump or tree trunk) or horizontal surface (tree branch or fence).

It includes three ceramic coated screws for easily screwing into any trees and a rotating pinch ball system which allows precise vertical and horizontal adjustment of up to 35 degrees.  The rotating ball compensates for the extremely different challenges of each camera installation.

After getting the camera in position the pinch ball can be tighten down to never move even during the strongest wind gusts.

This mounting system will durably and affordably take the frustrations out of quickly setting up your camera in the field to provide the best pictures possible from your camera investment.

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